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Our day will start at 8:30 am (departure from the hotel). The first stop will be the beach of Mughsayl. Here the sea shore is made of white and soft sand which extends for some kilometers. In the area we will visit Marnief cave, a very fascinating geological formation with natural  caused by the strong currents of water from the Indian Ocean during the period from 21 June to 31 September (Khareef). Lovers of archaeology can visit two archaeological sites related to the collection of frankincense in antiquity. The frankincense was collected from the mountains adjacent to the Najd, stored in the high caves of Marneef and so far exported together with salt and leather. The second station of the journey head will take you inside a zigzagging road to the Moon mountains (Jebel Qamar), then we will come down to a seashore at Al Fazaeh beach. Here you will enjoy the best shore you have ever seen! The softness of and the crystalline water will take your breath away. You will enjoy warm water and rock formations on human and animal shapes. In the area you can visit an ancient cemetery and the remains of a fortress belonging to the sheikh of Minat Alla, Ibn Muhammad Al-Jahfali. Then you will resume the path to the highest peak in the Mountains of the Moon and stop to see the formation of the mountain ranges to the north and watching the sea hugged by the mountain at the south.
You will finally return to your staying center after spending an enjoyable time (4-8 hours).

Arabian Seasons will give you a chance to stay for some nights in the western regions  of Dhofar where there are the valleys of frankincense. Here you can spend a night with a family from the mountains of Dhofar, riding camels and eating local meals. You will have the opportunity to discover all the coastal areas rich in monuments such as rock inscriptions in the caves, Kut Manjawi , many others in Alhouta and enjoy the swimming with the sun in wonderful beaches such as Adu and Safket in the region of Rakhyut and Kharfout in the region of Dhalkut (West Dhofar).

Note that some of these beaches can be reached only by boat and the accommodation will be in tents or simple hotels or with the local people.
You can choose your trip to go to the North West Dhofar to get to Gidela sand, the highest peak in the sand dunes in the world. You will reach the desert after some hours in four wheels cars, stopping in the region of Al Mazuna finally arrive and enjoy the sunset in the area of Hashman or Al kthaf.
After the night in the desert you can visit the archaeological site of Wubar, included among the Unesco World Heritage, have the lunch in the town of Thamrit and return back to Salalah with a stop at Wadi Dawkah, the valley of the frankincense trees.

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